Summer 2009/10 Full Set

Summer 2009/10 Full Set

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Steve Brady
TALK 1  Living With Marriage: Adam and Eve  (Genesis 2)
TALK 2  Living With Compromise: Lot  (Genesis 12)
TALK 3  Living With Loss: Abraham  (Genesis 23)
TALK 4  Needed: Contagious Christians
TALK 5  Living With Disgrace: Judah  (Genesis 38)
TALK 6  Living With Trials: Joseph  (Genesis 39)
TALK 7  Living With Hope: Jacob  (Genesis 46)

Ian Coffey
TALK 1  Pentecost Is Dynamite  (Acts 2:1–41)
TALK 2  The Church That God Builds  (Acts 2:42–47)
TALK 3  The Fear of God  (Acts 5:1–16)
TALK 4  Finders and Seekers  (Acts 8:26–40)
TALK 5  A Church With a Vision  (Acts 11:1–18)
TALK 6  What’s in a Name?  (Acts 4:36–37ff)
TALK 7  Behind Enemy Lines  (Acts 19:1–20)
SEMINAR  Working It out—God, You and the Work You Do

Ruth Coffey
SEMINAR  Stop the World, I Want to Get Off

Martin Pakula
SEMINAR  Jesus and Israel